• Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Full Set: £45

One single curved eyelash made from the finest quality synthetic mink is attached to each healthy individual natural eyelash.  Treatment time for a full set of classic Individual eyelash extensions is approximately 1h 30 minutes.

Classic Infill at 2 weeks: £30 (1 hour)

Classic Infill at 3 weeks: £40 (1.5 hours)

  • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set: £55

A 50:50 mix of classic individual extension and Russian Volume  (described below) giving a bit of extra volume for a wispy natural look. Treatment time for a full set of Hybrid eyelash extensions is approximately 120 minutes.

Due to the random shedding and growth pattern of the natural eyelashes, we recommend infills are alternated between Russian infills and Classic infills.

Russian Volume FULL SET: £63

Suitable for clients wanting a natural but noticeable look with increased length and volume. Treatment time for coverage of healthy natural lashes is 2 hours to 2h15 minutes. 

Volume minifill at 1 week: £20 (30 mins)

Volume Infill at 2 weeks: £30 (60 mins)
Volume Infill at 3 weeks: £37 (75 mins)
Volume Infill at 4 weeks: £44 (90 mins)
Volume Infill over 4 weeks: £63 (120-135 mins)

Russian Volume XD HALF SET: £33

A half set (coverage of approximately 50–60% of natural eyelashes) is available for an extremely natural look or if you would like to try volume extensions for the first time. Treatment time is strictly 60 minutes (Please note: a half set cannot be infilled, a full set will be required or continual half sets).

Eyelash Extensions in Dover

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary beauty treatment which enhance your natural eyelashes and are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. At Lash TnT, we offer a wide range of thicknesses and lengths to give you beautifully curled, longer and thicker lashes, from a natural look to a full-on glam look, we can give you any look you desire. We prioritise maintaining the health of the natural eyelashes by using the highest quality EU-approved adhesive, and the finest quality cruelty free synthetic mink extensions. We ensure only the correct extensions are used and applied perfectly to give you the best possible results. As each eyelash extension is applied individually it grows out and sheds with your natural eyelash causing no discomfort or damage. When a new eyelash grows it is ready to be infilled.


The average person has between 90–120 natural eyelashes per upper lid. Each eye will naturally shed 2–5 eyelashes per day. On average if we lose 3 lashes per day:

- In 1 week we will lose 21 lashes per eye
- In 2 weeks we will lose 42 lashes per eye
- In 3 weeks we will lose 63 lashes per eye

To keep your lashes looking perfect, it is recommended that you follow the aftercare advice given and have regular infills approximately every 2–3 weeks. At Lash TnT we base our infill prices on the time required to remove outgrown extensions and fill out all the lashes to the highest standard ensuring your extensions last until the next appointment. Our prices based on the treatment are below.







Russian Volume XD Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume eyelash extensions are extremely lightweight and ultra fine synthetic mink eyelashes fanned together using a special technique and applied to each individual natural eyelash using the highest quality adhesive. As each fan is applied to one natural eyelash it grows out and sheds with this eyelash causing no discomfort or damage. Russian volume extensions can enhance your natural eyelashes by adding length and volume to create a thicker and fuller look. 



Eyelash extensions applied by Lash TnT will be removed at a standard rate of £12.
Extensions applied by another lash artist may endure a price increase depending on the quality of the work and time required to remove the extensions. This will be individually assessed.